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Premier and Junior teams announced

Junior Milk Cup Squad 2015:

1. Tyler Boyce
2. Sean Toman
3. Declan O'Neill
4. Daniel McKeown
5. Cathal McGinty
6. Ben Davison
7.Sam Murphy
8. Barney McKeown
9. Oisin Smyth
10.Luke Wilson 
11. Robbie McAteer
12. John Lee McAfee
14. Josh Megoran
15. Mark Lucas
16. Tom Weir
17. Pablo Andrade
18. Darragh Gray
19.Adam McAlpine

  Premier Milk Cup Squad 2015

1. Matthew Leyburn
2. Mark Johnston
3. Brendan Litter
4. Ross Wilson
5. Connor Murtagh
6. Shea Geraghty
7. Scott Megaw
8. Eoin Toal
9.Coalon Marron 
10.Reese McInerney
11Tiarnan Judge 
12.Patrick McPartland 
14.Andrew Wilson 
15.Nedas Maciulaitis 
16.Shea Conaty 
17.Adam Metcalfe 
18.Kevin McAlinden
19.Conor Larkin


Fantastic draw for both sides:

County Armagh could not have asked for a better draw in this year's Milk Cup with the Premier team drawing the likes of Newcastle United and Liverpool whilst the Junior's group features Everton and Swindon Town.
A delighted Brendan Grimes (Premier team manager) said: "We couldn't have chosen a better group if we had picked the teams ourselves."
PREMIER GROUP: County Armagh, Newcastle United, Liverpool, O'Higgan's (Chile)
JUNIOR GROUP: County Armagh, Everton, Swindon Town, Dundalk SL


Parents Information Evening:

Parents information evening will be held on Wednesday, 17 May at 7.30pm in Bedeck Suite at Glenavon FC.


Junior Team selected for next trial:

The following players have been selected for the next trial on Wednesday 8/5/13.

Matthew Leyburn
Matthew Lutton
Callan Duffin
Connor Larkin
Jake McDowell
Brendan Litter
Scott Megaw
Mark Johnston
Kurt Jenkinson
Ross Wilson
Eoin Toal
Eoin McConville
Connor Kerr
James Gould
Ruari McCay
Michael Bunting
Scott Wiltshire
Shea Conaty
Connor Nugent
Adam Metcalfe
Shayne Lavery
Samuel Haugh
Eoin Finnegan 
Patrick McPartland
Darryl Johnston

The manager and coaches would like to thank all those boys who attended trials and encourage you to keep working hard and improving as footballers and hopefully try again next year for either the Junior or Premier Milk Cup squads.

Keep up to date with the Milk Cup:

Website:   www.nimilkcup.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nimilkcup

BBC Website: www.bbc.co.uk/milkcup

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